David Ferrers, a leadership coach since 1992, has authored two books - Ignite Your Inner Leader and A Journey of Self Discovery . He is an internationally certified Trainer and Coach with over four decades of experience. His workshops, based on NLP , Coaching Practices , Tipping Point , Blue Ocean Strategies and other International inspirational techniques are designed to deliver great value to leaders and organizations,
David Ferrers, MNLP, has been a full time professional leadership coach for over 20 years. He has helped managers at all levels in major corporations and government departments to improve their performance.

Specialization: Leadership Coaching | Self Discovery Coaching

Alex Jacob is a behavioral trainer and a personal coach, with over 12years of corporate experience; he has worked with MNCs like WNS Global Service, Logica CMG, Maersk Global Service and SourceHOV. In his last assignment, he worked as Manager – Training. He is an NLP Trainer, and a committed Toastmaster since 2008. Alex works with individuals and groups across sectors helping organizations and individuals to improve their performance.

He works in the areas of Communication, Leadership, Interpersonal relationships, Goal setting and strategy execution. His goal is to bring qualitative yet quantitatively measurable behavior changes to individuals and groups.

He has conducted training for employees of HP, Cisco, Pramati, Bosch, ABB, ANZ, WNS, Logica, MAX , Cap Gemini, Maersk, entrepreneurs and members of Toastmasters International.

Specialization: Leadership Coaching | Personal Coaching | Speech Coaching | Behavioural Training

Matt helps people change their behaviour, 'get creative' and collaborate so they can perform better and achieve the goals that matter to them.
He uses improvisation, facilitation and coaching and his services range from one off interventions to challenge conventional thinking through to ongoing behaviour change programs to embed sustained change. With a background in Project Management, he also gets the 'other, normal' side of business - timelines, budgets and quality - something that can be often lacking in the 'creative' space.

Specialization: Free thinking workshops | Ideation facilitation | Improvisation workshops and programs | Objective thinking workshops |Team building | Public speaking

Tripura Kashyap is a Movement therapist, / Choreographer / Performer & Dance educator. She pioneered Creative movement Therapy in India in 1990. She studied Dance therapy at the Hancock Center, Wisconsin, USA and subsequently obtained her M.A. in Psychology. She received training in classical dance at Kalakshetra, (Chennai) and later Jazz, Ballet, Modern dance, choreography and dance theatre at the American Dance Festival, N. Carolina.

Tripura has received fellowships from the Ashoka International Foundation and the Indian Ministry of Culture for her innovative work in dance therapy and contemporary dance. She was founder-director of Apoorva Dance Theatre, Bangalore and worked collaboratively with filmmakers, visual artists and musicians on cross-art projects and performances. Tripura also worked as a projects coordinator for Bhoomika dance Company (Delhi) and creative consultant for ‘Dance-in-Education’ program at Attakkalari Center (Bangalore). She conceived certificate courses in Movement therapy and is on the faculty of expressive arts therapies courses in Delhi / Bangalore & Pune. Currently she is co-founder of ‘Creative Movement Therapy Association of India’ (CMTAI) and is based in Delhi / Bangalore.

Specialization: Creative Movement | Dance Therapy | Autism

Mohan aka Mohan Krishnan is a professional story teller and a soft skills trainer, mentor, counsellor, motivational speaker and teacher. He has a strong grounding in the epics and folk tales of India and spins most of his fables from them and interestingly makes them relevant to day to day life.
He is a retired General Manager from the Reserve Bank of India and has three decades of expertise in Foreign Exchange, Banking, Core Banking Solutions and Human Resource Development.

He brings passion into his stores and uses his rich voice with prosody, pitch, timbre and silence to drive home the lessons of the stories. He could also share thoughts with you on how to tell better stories.

He is fluent in 4 languages, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali and English. He has travelled widely in India and some places abroad.

Specialization: Storytelling for Adults | Storytelling for Management | Storytelling for Team

Sarmishta Mani is a Transactional Analysis psychotherapist under supervision,currently preparing for international certification, she is in advanced training under Dr. Susan George, TSTA. She integrates art and storytelling into her TA psychotherapeutic practice.
Apart from a Masters Degree in Psychology from The University of Madras, Sarmishta has undergone a year's training in Expressive Arts Therapies such as Psychodrama, Music, Art, Movement and Storytelling. She continues to train in some of these modalities. Prior to TA she underwent training in eclectic counselling by Dr. Emma Gonzalves, Psychotherapist.

Specialization: Interpersonal Communication | Conflict Management | Stress Management | Relaxation | Women Empowerment Programs | Counselling | One to One Coaching.

Indu Divya is a soft skills trainer, professional storyteller, speaker, coach and content writer. Her experience in diverse industries such as PR/Media, Learning and Development, Content Development, and Performing Arts helps her engage effortlessly in the various professional roles she endorses.
Her most challenging and fulfilling projects are those that help her share personal narratives – her own and those of others – in a bid to inspire people to lead purposeful lives.

Specialization: Communication | Body Language | Effective Email Writing | Storytelling | Presentation Skills | Public Speaking | team building | coaching | Decision making | Delegation | Conflict Management | Negotiation | Persuasion

Andleeb Rizvi - 7.5 years of experience in IT enabled services domain with focus on language(English) training, process training & HR activities .Possess exceptional command over English language & passionate about English(written/spoken) grammar trainings, Business Communication and other such soft skills trainings Experience in recruiting new hires for the process, rolling out & conducting trainings, mentoring and leading teams.
Educational Qualification - Bachelor’s Degree in Arts – BA (English) Allahabad University Master’s in Business Administration(Human Resources) Symbiosis, Pune(scdl)

Specialization: Communication | Body Language | Effective Email Writing | Storytelling | Presentation Skills | Public Speaking | team building | coaching | Decision making | Delegation | Conflict Management | Negotiation | Persuasion

Aravind V is a soft skills trainer and a Happiness Program Trainer Certified by Art of Living Foundation. Before becoming a full time Trainer and a Coach, he worked with Cognizant Technology for 4 years . He coaches people on happy living and healthy living through Yoga and Happiness Program.
He is a passionate Toastmaster and current president of an elite Toastmasters Club. He regularly conducts soft skills programs, behavioural improvement programs for corporate employees and college graduates.

Specialization: Communication | Body Language | Effective Email Writing | Storytelling | Presentation Skills | Public Speaking | team building | coaching | Decision making | Delegation | Conflict Management