About Us

The Centre for Creative Learning is a training and coaching institute established in India and has roots in the UK. CCL transforms individuals and society by training interested individuals, organizations and NGOs through content rich coaching, advanced training and well established events.

The Centre for Creative Learning is a key provider of tailor-made training and coaching programs, focused exclusively on creative learning. Our training programs are proven to drive sustained creative learning across all organizational levels. We run more than a hundred coaching and training programs in India and UK each year.

Our expertise will help you in achieving your creative learning goals .For each of our clients our approach is the same, but the results are exclusive and distinct which helps you to make a positive impact on your organization's bottom line.

We emphasize the importance of creative learning in all our programs, helping individuals to effectively use both sides of the brain – the left and the right.
You might have heard people describe themselves as "right-brained" or "left-brained," with the left-brainers proud of their math skills and the right-brainers portraying their creativity. That's because the brain is divided into two hemispheres,: the right brain helps us in creative thinking and the left brain helps us in our analytical thinking. The two hemispheres communicate information, such as sensory observations, to each other through the thick corpus callosum that connects them.

The brain’s right side controls the muscles on the left side of the body, while the left side controls the muscles on the right side of the human body. Because of this criss-cross wiring, damage to one side of the brain affects the opposite side of the body. In general, the left side brain helps you in all analytical aspects: so if you’re smart with maths and analysis, you must be predominantly using your left side or the analytical side of your brain.

The right side of the brain on the other hand is about creativity and emotions and has nothing to do with logic. Now you might understand why dancers cannot sit in front of a computer and do coding and vice versa. Right handed people are usually analytical, and typically they might be using their left brain extensively.

"Brain asymmetry is essential for proper brain function," Professor Stephen Wilson of University College ,London, told Live Science, a sister site of Life's Little Mysteries. It allows the two sides of the brain to become specialized, increasing its processing capacity and avoiding situations of conflict where both sides of the brain try to take charge."